SpaceMarkt c/o NASA & John Hopkins 

We will be the stratospheric launchers in a partnership to further the research of extremophiles in the stratosphere.

Canton of Valais Launch

We have signed a contract for two multimedia launches for the government of Valais to provide images for their annual calendar and a multiregional video encompassing the scenic diversity of the unique canton.


We have completed a launch for Lonza to promote their new facility IBEX.

Reyl Bank Launch

We have completed a deal with Reyl to launch their brand into the stratosphere

Equipment Upgraded 

We are fully upgraded and ready to offer the best stratosphere experience possible.


Don't hesitate to contact us for any requests.

Manchester United 

The premier league football team - one of the first to rise above it.


This launch was not an official request from MUFC.

Upgrading Phase

We are currently upgrading all mechanical and technological material.


We want to ensure the best experience and results possible.

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